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Firewall and IT security are the terms that are interchangeable. Firewall can be considered as one of the tools of IT security. Firewall enables controlling and monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic which is based on established security rules or protocols. Firewall acts as a barrier between your network and incoming data packets from external sources so that malicious traffic like hackers and viruses can be blocked. Traffic is guarded at a computer’s entry point known as ports where information exchange takes place with external devices. Thus, firewall or IT security makes the network safe and secure. Software firewall is a program installed in a computer while a hardware firewall is equipment installed between your gateway and network. Firewalls also can be classified as network based or host based. Network based firewall can be placed anywhere within a LAN or a WAN while the host based firewall are positioned on the host itself to control network traffic and other computing resources.
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Why Is IT Security Indispensable?

With advent of technology and networking systems, the data be it PII or SPII are stored in memory of the computers which are connected internally as well as externally.
Your data are constantly exposed to the wide network or internet. The data could be sensitively private for your organization or data could be your customers’ personal information which cannot be allowed to share. Thus, your customers can demand for safety and security in entirety. You will be demanded for a total secure environment conducive for your customers to rely on. That is where you will be in need of a service and solution wherein a complete and world class firewall/ IT security solutions are needed. It is evident that you will eventually now or later face the issue of security threat as your organization grows. In fact, this is applicable for both home users and businesses. It is highly crucial for organization to have a safe and sound security system for your network. This will subsequently attract more customers towards you. With these highly demanding security requirements, it becomes totally compulsory for you to outsource your security demands and needs to a reputable IT firm so that you can entirely focus on your business growth.
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At IT support Mexico, we provide an end to end solution to your important IT security demand. We have a proven track record in this area and are well equipped to enhance your organization’s security. We design customized security solutions tailor made for your requirements and this is what sets us apart from others. Our ways of working ensures we establish a successful and healthy long term relationship with our customers. This is possible because of our professional team who work day in and day out to serve you at their best. We upgrade ourselves with latest changes in technology so that our customers receive the best services.
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